Shrine of Remembrance VICTORIA

The Shrine of Remembrance
Photography: WE-EF

In 2018, the Shrine of Remembrance, located in the Domain Precinct of Melbourne, underwent an extensive lighting upgrade to relight the façade of the building. WE-EF FLC200 series luminaires were selected to bring out the natural colour of the stone. The significant memorial was then Illuminated in red for one week in November to pay homage to the Armistice Centenary.

FLC260 projectors with red filter accessories provide a striking effect as the Shrine had never been illuminated in any other colour. In addition, several WE-EF DAC240 RGBW luminaires light the entry area of the memorial creating a contrast between the columns and the façade. With their colour changing ability, the lighting system can change between a red to match the façade and warmer white light. Using the latest LED technology, Buckford and WE-EF have added a new dimension to the Shrine, allowing the public to experience more texture and variations to the stone.