Princess Theatre VICTORIA

Buckford Illumination Group
Photography: Jackie Chan -

Melbourne’s iconic Princess Theatre is considered one of Melbourne’s most spectacular landmarks. As part of several extravagant theatres within the city, the Princess Theatre is the oldest and has remained mostly untouched since its completion in 1886.

With the announcement of the award-winning production, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the Princess Theatre underwent conservation. The exterior components and ornamentation were carefully reconstructed to showcase the original detailing of the theatre. WE-EF luminaires were employed to illuminate the renovations and emphasise the decorative elements. The design includes the POWERFLOOD 3 Projectors to highlight the sculpture of Fame and the flagpole. Colour changing linear X-LINE QUATTRO luminaries illuminated the reconstructed Corinthian pilasters and central pediment, whilst also providing a façade wash on the canopy. The illumination of the newly renovated exterior produces a dazzling effect for spectators, bringing the Princess Theatre to life.