Monument Hill Albury

Albury City Council
Photography: B.I.G

Sitting on top of Monument Hill in Albury, New South Wales, is the Albury War Memorial dedicated to those who served Australia in World War I. Providing stunning views of the region, the memorial is a popular place for locals and tourists to stop and reflect. As part of a major redevelopment of the monument endorsed by the Albury City Council, a lighting upgrade was implemented.

To deliver a more minimalistic approach to the new lighting design, the council decided on utilising 3 poles to circle the monument. WE-E RFL luminaires are fixtured into the poles to light the surrounding pathways and provide light for the security cameras. Sitting above these poles, are WE-EF’S FLC260 projectors to directly illuminate the memorial’s sculptural elements. In addition to the WE-EF luminaires, Digilin HaloFlex strips are hidden within the alcoves of the memorial’s bronzed plaques, accentuating the commemoration.

Various layers of light and solid lighting levels, both vertically and horizontally, has ensured one solution effectively illuminates the entire space. The lighting scheme has improved the façade and feel of the memorial, creating a more emotive experience for the public.