Mentone Station VICTORIA

Photography: WE-EF

One of several congested level crossings in Melbourne, Mentone Station, was rebuilt to reposition the rail tracks below street level. The redevelopment of the station’s concourse, platforms and pathways alongside the expansion of the station’s gardens revitalises the area with a contemporary feel, whilst elements of the heritage-listed buildings originally part of the station are reserved.

WE-EF post-top luminaires enhance the distinct style of the station. The geometry of the CFT540 is ideal for illuminating urban spaces with a contemporary design where the RMC320’s slim appearance makes it the perfect fitting for this historical setting. Additionally, WE-EF VFL540 fittings illuminate the train station’s platforms, ensuring precise light distribution and uniformity. All luminaires provide excellent visual comfort, minimal glare and aid in safe accessibility for the community, helping make Mentone station a safer and more vibrant area.