Brighton Jetty Upgrade

City of Holdfast Bay
Photography: WE-EF

Brighton Jetty, located on the south-east coast of Adelaide, is a popular destination for walking, fishing, and swimming. Buckford and WE-EF worked collaboratively to provide a lighting solution that ensured long-term security and could withstand exposure to the sea, sun, and storms. WE-EF ZFT434 luminaires were selected to replace the preceding metal halide lights. Due to the coastal location, these luminaires were the ideal choice, with their 5CE+ primer finish and 10-year warranty.

Low vertical illuminance was necessary to resolve the challenge of utilising the existing low pole height and large pole spacing. This resulted in a better sense of safety for the locals than the previous installation. The low vertical illuminance together with a pedestrian pathway optical distribution effectively illuminated the entire length of the jetty without creating excessive light spill into the ocean.