Visiting WE-EF WE-EF Factory Tour & Training

Recently some of our newest team members visited Braeside for a deeper dive into WE-EF’s facilities. The factory tour and training was a great way to put faces to names and learn more about WE-EF’s history, their environmental focus and extensive product range.

The hands-on sessions allowed us to gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of their product lines. Our team met with WE-EF’s manufacturing group to discover WE-EF’s production process and joined them in assembling a VFL and ECT. We then engaged with the technical team who showed us the varying outputs that can be made by experimenting with optics and accessories.

Highlights of the tour included journeying through their newest LightBox Lane which showcased their luminaires in a simulated environment, before adventuring to Carrum Station to see VFL and CFT luminaires in action.

We had a chance to chat with Project Coordinator, Erika, and learn a little more about her experience at WE-EF.

What did you find the most interesting from the training session?
The most interesting and definitely unique aspect of the session was the LightBox Lane. Being able to see the fixtures in a black space that simulates where these fixtures are intended for was a great way to convey what the designers are trying to achieve. Also being able to play around with the different lenses and seeing how different variations and orientations affected the output was great.

What part of the training was most beneficial to you?
The part of the training where I was able to participate in building a VFL fitting was very beneficial. Not only can we see how a fitting is put together, but we also saw the numerous checks and tests that are done before a light fitting is fit for despatch. As a Project Coordinator, there are many instances where you are trying to resolve an issue either over the phone or via email. Having this knowledge enables me to reach a solution for my customer much more efficiently.

How did your experience of seeing the luminaires in LightBox Lane differ to seeing them at Carrum Station?
I would say while LightBox Lane offers a simulation of what the fixtures are capable of, seeing them at Carrum Station showed the fittings in a real backdrop of the everyday. How the fittings work together with other fixtures in areas that all different people pass through, while understanding the logic behind why particular specifications were chosen.

Would you recommend the WE-EF factory tour to one of our clients and why?
Definitely. There’s a big difference between seeing a sample fitting and datasheets to seeing the factory to where the fitting is put together. There’s a confidence that is gained in the product and the team behind the brand who is there to help you with what you need.

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