Railway Lighting Applications WE-EF Core Competency

Railway stations are vital to many commuters and impact drivers, cyclists, and neighbouring residents. With that in mind, there are numerous considerations to lighting for rail applications, from environmental sustainability and safety to minimising obtrusive light and creating community wellbeing.

WE-EF luminaires, supplied by Buckford Illumination Group, make up a large part of Melbourne’s Level Crossing Removal Projects. WE-EF products are Australian made and are known for their 10-year warranty, durability, and high performance. They are trusted for their core competencies in design, engineering, and lighting technology in several lighting applications, including for rail and light rail settings. Read their rail publication here to learn about the key considerations to delivering a functional lighting solution for pedestrian and transport movement.

Anthony Strangis from Buckford Illumination Group has been long involved in rail projects across Melbourne and has seen first-hand how they’ve improved over the years. Recently, Anthony sat down with WE-EF to discuss the recent developments in rail infrastructure with a deep dive into the major factors for rail applications.

Download WE-EF’s latest brochure for more information on lighting in rail and light rail settings, from the car park to pathways, concourse, and platforms.