Discover PROLICHT’s latest innovations, designed to give you even more tools to create a unique atmosphere. Extensions of their iconic product families and new ways of combining products are released to fulfil your interior design vision.


BILO is a captivating minimalist optical glass sphere that radiates an immersive glow through its semi-translucent finish. When suspended, it uniformly illuminates its entire body thanks to the delicate spherical milky finish diffuser.


SNOOKER GLASS subtly hovers above the space with a vibrant and colourful gleam. Below, the ambience is magically illuminated thanks to its delicately housed spotlight.



We developed an innovative system that invites lighting designers to fully express their creativity, bringing truly unique luminaires to life. G-BOARD offers complete freedom to create exceptional configurations with suspended luminaires. Through its panels, you can draw graphic patterns on the ceiling to hang luminaires in clusters, ergonomic distributions, or three-dimensional.



LIFE is more than just a luminaire; it embodies the sun in architecture. As a source of natural energy, it radiates light in perfect harmony with the vital needs of indoor plants.


The MINIMAL TRACK system, now also available for Suspended and Trimless installation, surpasses the levels of scale reduction. It seamlessly integrates with harmony and simplicity into the architecture without drawing attention. The architecture will always stay at centre stage with MINIMAL TRACK.


From the centre of the space, SLIDER precisely illuminates laterally with its two new wallwash optics. Asymmetrical lighting takes on another dimension with these two modules integrated into
this innovative configurable system.


Accent lighting can be introduced to any setting using CENTRIQ in both surface-mounted and recessed applications. These two spotlights add greater versatility to the product family, allowing you to isolate and highlight specific details in each area.

OIKO fixtures expertly control light dispersion, providing a precise and elegantly defined beam of light. OIKO PRO luminaires feature advanced optics that ensure pure light angles, supported by a high-quality reflector that guarantees precision, efficiency, and the elimination of secondary beams.