Product Release Wrap-Up Winter 2021

The new Thor series from Castaldi is a collection of revamped wall recessed luminaires. The Thor series is made for ground lighting in urban landscapes, particularly for pathways. The new optical system of Thor delivers more light output, higher uniformity and increased illuminance distance.

The die-cast aluminium body with polyester powder coating resists corrosion in all environments. Thor series has been improved, both functionally and visually, with its enhanced performance and additional covers to hide visible screws.

Only available through BIG NSW.
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ColourTouch is Digilin’s new pre-programmed DMX controller. It is uncomplicated and can be controlled easily, without the need for any technical skills. ColourTouch’s simple interface features a display screen and five touch-sensitive buttons, enabling users to take full advantage of DMX control capability.

The left and right buttons move between colour temperature, dimming and show selection functions. The top and bottom buttons adjust the selected function’s settings, allowing users to modify the colour temperature, dimming and choose from preset colours and show sequences. ColourTouch is a straightforward device that can adapt to any design requirement.

Only available through BIG VIC.

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ERCO’s Iku & Iku Work are luminaires designed for Human Centric Lighting. Iku recessed downlights and wallwashers are available in five sizes and five light distributions. This luminaire is perfect for community spaces including large public buildings, hotels and conference centres. Iku Work downlights are available in three sizes and two light distributions. This downlight is highly efficient and standard-compliant of UGR<19 for illuminating office workstations.

Iku and Iku Work combines elegancy with optimum efficiency. Both luminaires provide visual comfort, dimmability and vertical illumination, with the addition of tunable white technology offered with Iku. A fusion of Iku wallwashers and Iku downlights deliver the ideal solution for an economical and attractive office.


Only available through BIG VIC & SA.

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AIRLUM is a sophisticated pendant luminaire with a subtle design. This slim luminaire features a narrow, illuminated edge with rounded corners to create an essence of lightness in the air.

Containing efficient multi-layer optics, the AIRLUM provides exceptional user comfort and glare protection, perfect for workplaces. The AIRLUM DYNAWHITE version alters between colour temperatures to suit a user’s ever-changing needs. With a combination of visual comfort and elegance, this pendant luminaire will improve the aesthetics and functionality of offices, meeting areas and receptions.


Available through BIG VIC, SA & NSW

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GVA Lighting’s HL-ART™ Series features compact, fixed and flexible linear luminaires. Available in monochromatic, dynamic white, RGB and RGBW LED options, this series provides endless possibilities. With its high-quality DOW silicone body, the HL-ART™ luminaires are suitable for all environments.

This sleek luminaire offers considerable versatility with its length options of 100mm to 18m and corresponding power selection. The HL-ART™ Series is designed for both architectural and artistic applications, always ensuring uniformity of light.


Available through BIG VIC, SA & NSW

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The office is, where LUCIO is, Waldmann’s latest and brightest task luminaire. This portable luminaire achieves standard compliant, glare free illumination and has an excellent price-performance ratio.

With its USB connection, light is exactly where you want it to be. This luminaire brings innovation and functionality to every workstation, at home or in the office.


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The FLC301 Compact Projector is available in five light distributions from WE-EF’s Innovative Optical System and five flexible mounting options. The FLC300 series can also be adjusted on-site, delivering greater freedom for users to accentuate architecture or objects.

The hardware contains a front tube encased by a second cylinder. This tube is a separate part fixed into the luminaires housing, resulting in a double seal to protect the interior from dust and moisture. The double casing design allows internal optical accessories to be integrated into the luminaire’s tube to provide users with different output ranges and additional glare shielding.


Available through BIG VIC, SA & NSW

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