Australian Made makes Australia

June 6th to 12th is Australian Made Week and is a time to celebrate Australia’s local makers and growers around the country. Australian made products support the economy, local businesses, and communities.

So, what is Australian Made?

‘Australian Made’ is about the production process of a product rather than its components, and it is where a product has undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia.

At Buckford, we have a greater focus on supporting local manufacturers and are proud that several of our brands are certified Australian Made.

Coolon – Available in VIC & SA

Coolon is 100% Australian owned and operated, with all of its LED products exclusively developed and manufactured in Australia to meet local and international standards. Coolon’s dedicated team of electronic engineers, mechanical designers and software developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of LED lighting and technology. As proudly Australian Made, Coolon provides comprehensive support and customisation through their state-of-the-art technology.

Digilin – Only available in VIC

Digilin is a proud Australian manufacturer of lighting solutions since 1980. Based in Brisbane, Australia, their team of engineers, designers and production experts produce innovative lighting and controls that deliver performance, reliability, and efficiency. Digilin’s solution-based approach and in-house teams provide clients with greater flexibility and confidence for adapting project requirements.

Eagle Lighting – Only available in SA

Eagle Lighting is made for locals, by locals, with each Eagle Lighting product built specifically to meet the needs of the Australian market and cater to the Australasian conditions. With local production and customisation remaining at the core of its business, Eagle Lighting’s luminaires are designed, tested, and manufactured in its facility in Melbourne, Australia.

WE-EF Lighting – Available in VIC, SA & NSW

WE-EF started its operations in Australia with just three employees in 1994, growing to nearly 40 employees over the next twenty-eight years. All products go through final assembly and testing in Braeside Victoria to ensure high-quality products suitable for Australia’s harsh local conditions. WE-EF’s Australian team invest heavily in lighting innovations and customisations for the local market.

XERO Linear Lighting Systems – Available in VIC & SA

Xero is 100% Australian owned, with over 50 employees based in its headquarters in Glendenning, Sydney. 88% of products and labour are made and produced in Australia, including its design & specification, optics and diffusers, extrusions, and the final assembly of all fixtures.

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