Victor Harbour Main Street Upgrade

BCA Engineers & WAX Design
Photography: WE-EF

As part of an award-winning landscape design by WAX Design, at the heart of the upgraded Victor Harbour Main Street is the lighting arrangement. Designed to emulate the ribs of a whale, the customised poles by WAX Design, together with WE-EF light fittings reference the coastal town’s appreciation for whale watching.

Several WE-EF luminaires were employed throughout the project. WE-EF FLA440 and FLA460 floodlights were mounted on the poles. WE-EF FLC100 projectors were fixed on the rear of the poles to illuminate the pathway, and WE-EF ETC300 inground luminaires were used to upplight landscape features.

The lighting upgrade required careful coordination of light poles ensuring the lighting solution focused on aesthetics whilst integrating with the streetscape and surrounding buildings. This project successfully revitalised the area with a modern design and delivered a vibrant public sphere.