Tullamarine Freeway VICTORIA

Leandlease / Power Plant
Photography: Jackie Chan - https://www.jackiechan.com.au/

The Tullamarine Freeway is one of Australia’s busiest freeways, linking Melbourne airport to the city centre. As part of a CityLink upgrade, a section of the freeway stretching past Essendon Airport required a significant lighting upgrade. A collaboration between Buckford Illumination Group and Lendlease was required to formulate a design to replace the previously sodium lighting whilst utilising the existing pole spaces.

WE-EF RMT320 luminaries were selected due to their minimal maintenance marine-grade, die-cast aluminium as well as their quality performance and customisation capabilities. With a versatile selection of beam distributors, four standard optics and one- or two-sided light output options, RMT320 luminaires were the ideal choice for this project.

These luminaires visually enhance the area and improve its functionality. The freeway is brighter and more pleasant for motorists allowing them to see the road and off-ramps more clearly. The light fittings are dark sky compliant as they meet the aviation authority’s requirements of no upward light spill. Additionally, this lighting upgrade provided an overall more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution.