The Calyx Royal Botanic Gardens

Supplied By WE-EF prior to B.I.G NSW
Photography: WE-EF

The refurbished Calyx in Sydney’s Botanical Garden is a unique semi-enclosed area with a greenhouse climate. The space features various amenities and displays, including an education program. Due to the changing needs of the space, the project required a flexible lighting system that could be easily adjusted.

WE-EF’s RAIL66 projector mounting system provided the ideal solution for the project. The IP66-rated (dust and water jet tight) track makes it easy for installers to add and remove luminaires and individually control them. For this project, Dali-controlled FLC131 and FLC141 projector luminaires were installed on the RAIL66. A custom framing snoot was then added to the luminaires to provide greater optic flexibility and protect the projectors against humidity. WE-EF customisable lighting systems provided the Calyx with a dynamic result