Star of the Sea College VICTORIA

Consulting Engineer: ACOR Consultants | Architects: PMDL Architecture + Design | Builders: McCorkell
Photography: Emily Bartlett

Situated in the heart of the campus within Melbourne’s Star of the Sea College, the Heritage Wing pays homage to the essence of the former convent while introducing new contemporary learning and social spaces to enhance student well-being and educational experiences.

Buckford Illumination Group supplied Digilin Technologies and Xero Linear Lighting Systems for the reimagined building. The Heritage Wing delivers better access with a new portico at ground level, connecting the east and west campus. Digilin Javelin grazes the portico area in warm white to complement the gold ceiling, while recessed Compact linear systems with an opal diffuser are situated within the apex of each arch to provide safe movement to students.

Additionally, XTA 2.0 Square IP55 mounted on the wall above each arch along the balcony areas illuminates the walkways on both levels, while internally, Xero XTS 2.0 Beam provides effective illumination to the new teaching, collaborative learning, and study spaces.

The lighting scheme supports the enhancement of the already beautiful building, providing exceptional collaborative spaces, while honouring the architectural integrity of the existing structure.