Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk

Supplied By WE-EF prior to B.I.G NSW
Photography: WE-EF

The Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk has recently opened to the public providing the community off-road access from Parramatta Park to Meadowbank. This project required a lighting scheme that complemented the boardwalk’s design and ensured safety for pedestrians and cyclers at night.

WE-EF’s VFL500 300K luminaires were selected for this project due to their 5CE+ corrosion protection coating. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions prone to the area. WE-EF’s VFL500 3000k luminaires are ADSA (Australian Dark Sky Alliance) approved, making these fittings the ideal choice to deliver illumination along the boardwalk without creating upward light spill.