Melbourne Holocaust Museum VICTORIA

Lighting Design: Illuminated Design | Consulting Engineer: Cundall | Architecture: Kerstin Thompson Architects
Photography: Jackie Chan

Light was a central driver for Kerstin Thompson Architects in the redevelopment of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Light is linked to illumination, and illumination to knowledge.

Considering that education is central to the purpose of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum, it seemed appropriate to deploy light as a motif in creating welcoming, functional spaces.

Buckford Illumination Group supplied an array of ERCO luminaires within the permanent exhibition, guiding visitors in a comfortable setting, emphasising the significance of key texts and artifacts through accent lighting, and facilitating knowledge sharing in a nurturing environment. The lighting scheme plays a crucial role in shaping the museum experience.

The new lighting contributes to the solidification of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s local and international reputation as a must-visit museum, renewing its civic role in educating the public.