Mawson Lakes

City of Salisbury
Photography: Karen Waller -

The City of Salisbury sought to improve the existing lighting around Mawson lakes, a suburb in northern Adelaide. Bordering homes, shopping and hospitality areas of Mawson Lakes Boulevard, the pathway around the lake was previously lit and part solar controlled using redundant technology that needed an upgrade.
Buckford Illumination Group SA supplied 53x WE-EF Lighting VFL520 luminaires with PC Amber LED and DALI/PE (Nema) control to deliver a wildlife-sensitive lighting solution. The new installation would improve conditions for flora and fauna whilst increasing the usage and appeal of the pathway for locals. As is captured well by the ‘after’ shots of the Sir Douglas Mawson Lake area, the quality optics of the [P65] beam (pedestrian/bicycle/pathway optic) ensure the pathway is uniformly and precisely illuminated and glare is controlled.
The result of the PC Amber with tight optical control has provided comfort and safety for pedestrians and cyclists without unnecessary light spill to disturb the surrounding residents and impact the natural environment.