Marvel Stadium VICTORIA

Builder: John Holland Design Team: Aurecon
Video: BeVisuals -

Buckford Illumination Group supplied the Philips ArenaVision LED floodlight as part of the Marvel Stadium upgrade to revitalise the stadium as a world class sports and entertainment venue.

The Philips ArenaVision LED floodlight is a future-proof system designed specifically for sports and multipurpose venues, providing flexibility and multi-use capabilities that can reduce operational costs and maximise revenue potential. With fast dynamic lighting scenes, instant on/off dimming, and full controllability that meets the latest broadcasting standards, ArenaVision delivers remarkable performance.

As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions, we conducted a thorough commissioning process. Our team worked closely with the John Holland Construction Team to conduct strategic aiming, performance testing, and calibration, ensuring that the lighting system matches the lighting design plan and deliver an unforgettable experience for fans, players, sponsors, media and broadcasters.