Jackalope Pavilion – Rain Room VICTORIA

Photography: Adrian Marturano, Buckford Illumination Group & Peter Bennetts - http://www.peterbennetts.com/

Jackalope Pavilion is a temporary gallery space created for Random International’s Rain Room. Rain Room is a theatrical space that invites visitors to “control the weather”, with the droplets of water responding to your presence and ceasing to fall wherever you move.

The pavilion designed by March Studio is situated on the top level of a St Kilda car park, elevated on silts above the building below. In connection with the ephemeral nature of the space, the entire construction is 100% reusable, built with bolted steel sections, dismantlable Bondor panels and surrounded by a painted scaffolding fa├žade. In daylight, the purpose-built pavilion blends into the clouds in the sky, yet at night it is projected with WE-EF FLC200 luminaires with 4000K to replicate the essence of moonlight.