Gippsland Performing Art Centre VICTORIA

Latrobe City Council
Photography: Adrian Marturano - ALM Visuals

Located in the heart of Traralgon, Gippsland Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) is the new regional place for entertainment and culture. Buckford proudly supplied the luminaires throughout its auditorium, performer’s facilities, meeting rooms and outdoor event spaces.

The 750-seat auditorium features Digilin Javelin 18 profiles integrated within the creased perimeter walls of the theatre, accentuating its striking colour. Whilst, Digilin Pioneer fittings with a custom snoot are melded into the slanted panels to provide efficient house lights. Both faceted surfaces are essential to supporting the acoustics within the theatre.

Beyond the auditorium, GPAC features the main foyer meeting rooms and external plaza dedicated to workshops and events. An integral part of the centre is the cluster of trees standing in the foyer and reaching upward to the second level. WE-EF FLC230-CC fittings are planted between the trunk and branches to illuminate their structure and emphasise the significance of trees and timber to the region. Above the trees are an array of coves on the ceiling fixed with Digilin Javelin 45 profile to provide a glow to the PAC’s entrance.

The creative precinct continues beyond the centre to the outdoor public spaces. With an array of WE-EF luminaires illuminating the public plaza and terrace, it ensures the ability to provide open-air concerts, markets and outdoor community events from day to night.

Moreover, for GPAC, the Back of House is equally as important as the Front of House. That’s why selecting the correct colour for backstage was essential for performers and theatregoers. When dealing with backstage areas, it is preferable to use blue frequency because they offer bright light for the theatre technicians and actors offstage without impacting the public viewing of the performance on stage. Buckford engaged with Digilin to supply the Agent Backstage Surface Mounted luminaire and Chroma Backstage Downlight fittings with custom royal blue chips to suit the needs of GPAC’s Back of House.

Among the leading regional theatres in Victoria, the centre is a beacon for touring shows and productions. Rejuvenating regional towns through cultural projects and establishing Traralgon as the major cultural hub in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland region, GPAC offers the very best in theatre, comedy, music, dance and community events.