Federation Square VICTORIA

Client: Melbourne Arts Precinct Corporation | Consulting Engineer: ARUP | Builder: Brolec
Photography: Ina Parr for WE-EF

Melbourne Arts Precinct Corporation, supported by funding from the Victorian State Government sought to enhance the evening visitor experience to one of Melbourne’s most iconic arts, culture and public event spaces – Federation Square.

The design, led by ARUP with Bluebottle managing control integration, incorporates WE-EF LIGHTING colour-changing luminaires supplied by Buckford Illumination Group, focusing on precision lighting to enhance unique architectural features, reduce light pollution, and ensure durability and energy efficiency, all under a robust warranty.

Over 80 WE-EF FLC200-CC colour-changing projectors, equipped with glare shields or snoots, have been installed to accentuate the Alfred Deakin and Yarra buildings’ facades as per ARUP’s vision. Additionally, 42 inground uplights were upgraded to ETC340-FS RGBW DMX models to enhance the Atrium and Edge structures.

This upgrade not only heightens safety and minimises environmental impact but also offers versatile illumination that enriches the navigational experience and elevates the evening ambience of the square, accommodating the eclectic array of events hosted there.

Read more: https://www.buckford.com.au/blog/fed-square/