Photography: Jackie Chan - https://www.jackiechan.com.au/

Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood is the result of collaboration with lighting designer, Electrolight and WE-EF products. The cutting edge lighting design enhances the visitor experience by providing both functionality and a sense of community at the shopping centre and new Town Square.

Considered a civic and commercial space, the Town Square comprises a library, arts space, and resource hub for local businesses. Offering a range of restaurants, The Town Square is a space for the public to enjoy at all hours, including when the shopping centre is closed.

This design includes WE-EF ETC340-GB inground uplight, to light the building perimeter and highlight the façade. WE-EF FLC141 projectors are used to wash-light the building façade, and within the landscape to provide general lighting and accentuate trees. Uplighting of trees is also achieved with WE-EF FLD131 projectors. WE-EF products are utilised using a human-centric approach, transforming a contemporary space into a communal destination.