Carrum Station VICTORIA

WSP Melbourne & Melbourne Metro
Photography: WE-EF

The redevelopment of Carrum Station is part of the Level Crossing Removal Project undertaken by the Victorian Government. As part of the project to elevate the railway, the lighting scheme was designed to revitalise the station and enhance the human experience of the area.

WE-EF VFL500 series illuminate the train station platforms and pathways, whilst WE-EF CFT540 luminaires are fixed within the station’s external entrance and seating area. The benefit of WE-EF’s product range is quality, longevity, and minimal maintenance, all necessities within a rail project.

With their precise light distribution and ability to suit a broad range of applications, these luminaires improve the urban and visual amenity for all station users. Additionally, they aid in safe accessibility and limit glare for pedestrians and motorists.