ANZ Centre Gallery VICTORIA

Lighting Designers: NDYLIGHT
Photography: Willem-Dirk du Toit

The ANZ Centre Gallery is a place for exhibitions and quiet reflection, located on Level 10 of the ANZ campus headquarters in Melbourne’s Docklands. This calming space aims to bring people, clients, collaborators, and the community together to celebrate the company’s extensive collection of Australian and international art.

Buckford supplied ERCO Optec spotlights that are mounted on suspended tracks, making them highly movable and adaptable for the frequent curation of exhibitions and events. Optec delivers high-contrast accent lighting, uniform wall illumination, and sharp-edged beams for striking effects. With innovative photometrics, Optec combines efficiency with visual comfort.

The space, previously underutilised as the back of the house for mechanical services, has been transformed into a living, breathing gallery. The ANZ Centre Gallery is intentionally designed to evoke a sense of magic, transporting visitors to a world away from the workplace. It serves as a showcase within the ANZ Open House suite of amenities and provides a unique work-meets-culture experience.