Meet Bilal

Bilal is a passionate Sales Engineer who has been part of the lighting industry for 14 years and has recently specialised in Museum and Gallery lighting. With his extensive technical knowledge, positive attitude, and down-to-earth approach, he can identify new opportunities with prospective clients and deliver the most optimal solution to meet customers’ expectations. When Bilal is not following up on projects, scheduling meetings or presenting to customers, he is learning new things, exploring the outdoors and spending time with his family.

Introduce yourself and tell me about your career so far.
Hi, my name is Bilal, I’m 41yrs of age, of Lebanese background, born and raised in Australia, happily married and a father of 2 beautiful children. My career began in graphic design and website development after I graduated from UWS Macarthur in Design & Technology. My brother and I ran our own design studio for 5 years managing 5 junior designers. I began working for a newly established company called LED Australia as a contracted graphic designer and web developer. I was then offered to work with the same company full time, not just in design, but in the warehouse building and wiring product, assisting with installation, wiring custom LED profiles, troffers, etc., until I developed a deep passion for this industry. 14 years later, I am still here, with experience in nearly every department within the industry, marketing and design, warehouse, installation, product assembly, internal sales, and account management. I worked with JSB Lighting for 4.5years and then joined the amazing team of Buckford Illumination Group.

What does a typical day at Buckford look like for you?
Update projects, follow up projects that are due this current month, dedicate an hour of power every day to lock in new meetings, attend scheduled meetings and present a particular brand either formally, or casually over lunch/coffee. Some days may involve dropping off samples or going to a project site, internal work meetings, working with suppliers in finding the most optimum solution for our clients, and most importantly, building great, honest relationships with people in the industry.

What inspires you?
I have a strong passion for learning new things, it gives me great confidence, acquiring new skills, reaching my deadlines, goals and targets, and providing my clients with the optimum solutions that leaves them completely satisfied.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?
Health & Fitness, the Outdoors (Camping, hiking, fishing, beach), spending time with family and friends, discovering new places to eat, cooking, and a good TV series.

What is on your bucket list?
I’ve never been to Europe and would love to island hop my way around the Greek Islands with my wife.

What is one thing you could not live without?
My wife and kids of course.

What is something funny or surprising about yourself?
SURPRISING: I spent 3 years living in Beirut in 2001, studying Arabic literature and Islamic theology. I then returned to Australia and spent 3 years leading a small Turkish community in rural NSW and helped reform troubled youth through the teachings of moderate mainstream Islam. Then I was interviewed by Simon Reeve from Channel 7 for a segment that promotes Australian born youth with various ethnicities living in harmony and peace.

FUNNY: I am a Toe Wiggler – For some reason, while I’m watching T.V. or have my feet extended, I involuntarily move my toes back and forth non-stop. All my life I never realized, until my wife brought it to my attention 😊