Looking back at the Penguin Parade.

Looking back at the Phillip Island Penguin Parade project completed in 2018, we feel an immense sense of pride as we witness the positive impact of our night-sensitive lighting solution today.

In partnership with WE-EF LIGHTING and Stantec, Buckford Illumination Group supplied WE-EF VFL540 luminaires with PC Amber chips to facilitate a safer journey home for more than 5,000 of the world’s smallest penguins every night while also addressing the issue of shearwater birds mistaking car park lighting for moonlight and crash-landing in the area.

Between 29 April and 7 May 2023 The Phillip Island Penguin Parade saw a great response from local residents and businesses turning off their lights to reduce light pollution to support the great migration of the Short-tailed shearwater birds. The Philip Island Penguin Parade rangers rescued and returned 408 birds back to the colony, giving them a second chance at fledging.
Going forward, WE-EF Lighting and Buckford remain committed to considering the application and providing solutions that meet the needs of both biodiversity and humans in the space. Thank you to our partners and everyone involved in this meaningful project and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it has in the years to come!

Videography: Opendoor Studios