Unveiling the Latest in WE-EF Lighting

Buckford Illumination Group hosted a series of Beyond Illumination events across Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide to unveil the Latest in WE-EF Lighting Technology.

Over 200 lighting professionals from across the states graced our events, connecting with industry peers, listening to launch presentations, exchanging valuable insights, and testing the WE-EF Virtual Reality headsets while enjoying delicious drinks, nibbles, and gelato.

At these events, we proudly introduced the NEW AFL100 series, the next generation of street and area lighting designed to meet the evolving needs of cities today and tomorrow.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of exploring the captivating world of GOBO technology, which allows us to transform spaces and precisely project light only where it’s needed, creating truly mesmerising effects.

A huge thank you to all our clients who attended the occasions and to the WE-EF team for their support in delivering these events.

THE NEW AFL100 Series

Sustainable, connected, future-proof – street and area lighting luminaires for the city of today and tomorrow

For 15 years, WE-EF’s street and area lighting luminaires with LED technology have been trusted by customers worldwide. Now, with the AFL100 series, WE-EF has launched a new generation of luminaires geared towards sustainability, offering users connectivity and future-proofing.

Compact design, intelligent construction

The sustainable approach of the AFL100 is already expressed in its design: The flat, clean shape of the luminaire is timeless and fits into any environment, from residential streets to boulevards. The reduced luminaire volume compared to its predecessors saves material and processing steps. The AFL100 series uses advanced thermal management technology that eliminates the need for external heat sinks, which reduces the product’s weight.

Lighting technology with respect for the night

However, the sustainability of luminaires depends on how they operate. The AFL100 series features highly efficient LEDs and optimised lenses that enable low energy consumption, resulting in significant energy savings. Offering a variety of light distributions, such as asymmetric side and/or forward or rectangular throw, the AFL100 can address all typical lighting tasks in urban spaces – from promenades in parks to paths and streets in residential areas, to inner-city squares and traffic arteries of any scale.

For more information on the AFL100 Series, contact us at sales@buckford.com.au.